Shinano 3/8inch Cap. Angle Drill SI-5355


Free Speedr.p.m. 1,200
Chuck Sizemm/(in.) 10/(3/8)
SpindleSize 3/8-24UNF
Drilling Capmm/(in.) 10/(3/8)
Out PutWatt 180
Max TorqueNm/(ft-lb) F4.54/(3.37) R4.37/(3.21)
Weightkg/(lb) 0.94/(2.07)
Noise Level *dBA/(power) 84/(95)
Vibration a/k *m/s2 3.2/0.8
Avg.Air ConsumptionCFM/(L/S) 3.0/(1.4)

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Another quality drill from Shinano.

Shinano 3/8inch Cap. Angle Drill SI-5355 is crafted from the finest materials for longevity

Built with precision and reliability and can withstand long operational time.

Robust in nature

Light weight for easy operation and less fatigue

Make Shinano 3/8inch Cap. Angle Drill SI-5355 a part of toolkit and ease your mind.

About Shinano pneumatics 

  • Manufactured in Japan by SHINANO INC, these tools and accessories offer uncompromising industrial quality at reasonable prices.
  • Some SHINANO models have been in continuous production since the Brand was first introduced into Australia in 1978.
  • Large inventories of spare parts are held in stock and these include some parts for discontinued models.
  • SHINANO Air Tools are your choice if you need tools like Shinano, 3/8inch Cap. Angle Drill SI-5355 that will give long reliable service in industrial production situations.


3/8″ capacity geared angle head drill
Designed to facilitate drilling in confined places
Noise levels according to ISO 15744:2008,ISO 11203:2009
Vibration level according to ISO 28927

Accessories for Shinano 3/8inch Cap. Angle Drill SI-5355

with 3/8″ Drill Chuck w/Handle S8-TC1A (KD-004) x 1


Free Speed r.p.m. 1,200
Chuck Size mm/(in.) 10/(3/8)
Spindle Size 3/8-24UNF
Drilling Cap mm/(in.) 10/(3/8)
OutPut Watt 180
Max Torque Nm/(ft-lb) F4.54/(3.37) R4.37/(3.21)
Weight kg/(lb) 0.94/(2.07)
Noise Level *dBA/(power) 84/(95)
Vibration a/k *m/s2 3.2/0.8
Avg. Air Consumption CFM/(L/S) 3.0/(1.4)



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