Shinano 1/2inch Sq. Drv. Impact Wrench SI-1455SR

Shinano 1/2inch Square Drive Impact Wrench SI-1455SR

Only 112 mm length short size body.
・ Strong jumbo hammer clutch.
・ Reverse button for one hand operation.
・ 3 positions regulator dial for one hand easy adjustment.
・ Composite motor housing for reduced vibration and temperature stability.
・ Easy to operate feather touch trigger.

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Our Shinano 1/2 inch Sq. Drv. Impact Wrench SI-1455SR , is a high value tool designed to streamline a variety of fastening tasks. Its robust figure and torque makes it possible for it to do multi tasks.

When it comes to automotive repairs and maintenance, our pneumatic Shinano 1/2 inch Sq. Drv. Impact Wrench SI-1455SR shines when tensing or loosening lug nuts, suspense bolts, or machine factors, significantly reducing homemade trouble and time spent on each task.

In construction, this impact wrench is essential for assembling structural factors, installing , or driving bolts into wood or metals with ease and perfection. Also, in artificial settings, similar as manufacturing shops or product lines, the SI- 1455SR facilitates effective tightening and loosening operations, perfecting workflow and productivity. Whether it’s in the garage, on the construction point, or in the plant, Shinano 1/2 inch Sq. Drv. Impact Wrench SI-1455SR is a dependable companion for any job taking robust and effective fastening. 


Maximum Torque Nm/(ft-lb): 740/(550)

Working Torque Range Nm/(ft-lb): 0-640/(0-470)

Bolt Cap mm/(in.): 16/(5/8)

Free Speed r.p.m.: (F)9,000(R)9,000

Weight kg/(lb): 1.17/(2.57)

Noise Level *dBA/(power): 98.7/(109.7)

Vibration a/k *m/s2: 8.7/1.5

Avg. Air Consumption CFM/(L/S): 4.8/(2.3)

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