SI-2221 3inch Mini Sander Polisher


SI-2221 3inch Mini Sander Polisher with 75mm

Buff Pad Sizemm/(in.) 75/(3″)
Spindle SizeFemale M6x1
Free Speedr.p.m. 4,500
Out PutWatt 203
Weightkg/(lb) 0.64/(1.42)
Noise Level *dBA/(power) 83/(94)
Vibration a/k *m/s2 1.4/0.6
Avg.Air ConsumptionCFM/(L/S) 2.5/(1.2)

The SI-2221 3inch Mini Sander Polisher is a precision-engineered tool designed to elevate your finishing capabilities to unparalleled levels. Crafted to details with the finest materials , this compact powerhouse seamlessly blends efficiency with precision, making it an indispensable addition to any professional’s toolkit.

Equipped with a robust sanding pad, this mini sander polisher delivers exceptional control and accuracy,  Its high-performance motor ensures consistent power delivery, guaranteeing fast material removal and complete polishing results.

Featuring variable speed settings, the SI-2221 3inch Mini Sander Polisher offers unparalleled versatility, allowing users to tailor the tool’s performance to suit a diverse range of applications. Whether tackling intricate woodworking projects or fine-tuning automotive surfaces, this sander polisher empowers craftsmen to achieve flawless results with ease. It also comes with a  75mmPad, Polishing Buff x2 & Sanding Paper

Because of its  ergonomic design, the compact nature of the SI-2221 3inch Mini Sander Polisher ensures comfortable handling during prolong operation, minimizing user fatigue and maximizing productivity. Also, its durable construction and premium components ensure long-lasting reliability, making it a trusted companion for professionals across various industries.

Experience the precision and performance of SI-2221 3-inch Mini Sander Polisher the complete solution for achieving top notch finishes with efficiency.


Buff Pad Size mm/(in.) 75/(3″)
Spindle Size Female M6x1
Free Speed r.p.m. 4,500
Out Put Watt 203
Weight kg/(lb) 0.64/(1.42)
Noise Level *dBA/(power) 83/(94)
Vibration a/k *m/s2 1.4/0.6
Avg. Air Consumption CFM/(L/S) 2.5/(1.2)



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